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How to install adjust wing reflecor?
- Sep 04, 2018 -

Step 1 

Remove contents and check against the list below:

2 X Reflector wings

2 X Adjustment wires

2 X Hanging hooks and thumb screws

1 X Socket


Step 2

Remove the plastic coating from both wings.


Step 3

Connect both wing sheets together by aligning

button rivets with keyhole slots and the wings will

simply lock together.

NOTE: DO NOT attach adjustment wires before

proceeding to STEP 4.




Attach the hanging hooks to both ends of the

Adjust-A-Wings® using the thumb screws provided.


Step 5 

Select one adjustment wire. Take the end with

the single stopper and thread it through the first

keyhole, then thread it back through one of the

other keyholes (as shown below).

This presets the reflector width


Step 6

IMPORTANT !!! While holding the opposite end of

the adjustment wire (that has 2 stoppers). Carefully

bend the wings back away from their spine and

lock the end stopper into the single keyhole provided.

Repeat steps 5 and 6 at the opposite end

of the wings to attach the 2nd attachment wire.

IMPORTANT!!! The 2nd stopper on each adjustment

wire is for grip only in these procedures.

D6ERKDUVZ}@Y9~STDLY9{RV.pngYour Adjust-A-Wings now look like this.

Step 7

Adjust-A-Wings settings are changed by reversing

STEP 6 & choosing a different position from STEP 5.

NOTE: Adjust one end of the wires at a time.

WARNING: For safe operation, ensure that the

power is off before adjusting the wings or socket.

Step 8

Take the socket and using the 2 thumb screws

provided (attach as shown below).

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