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Tent matters
- Jun 26, 2018 -

Note account within and outside the door of the account can be in one direction, four angles on the four corners of which account (in the inserted near the location of the curtain rod, you can find a place to hang), also have a plenty of the land for the four angles of external accounts also nailing, tent near the four corners, and see whether there are external accounts ring nail to nail, will let the account also sacks bulging at the seams, and the account no on the inside, so it rains, the account will not wet, and by breathing, morning outside the bill will be a layer of dew or frost, don't stick also won't get wet in the bill, but there are bad tent frost will be squared, ah, the early move, it's going to snow in the tent.

There are also some rope on the outside of the tent, it is used to strengthen the tent, do not have strong wind general can not pull, do not trust had better pull up, also use land to nail, a few rope exertion even pull good. Get up in the morning, if the day is good, had better not collect tent immediately, a little air dry, if drench rain, go home must remember to spread open air dry, otherwise meeting mildew. Tent down outside the bill first, in the tent to unplug after don't rush down the curtain rod, open the door, tent up shook, throw away the soil inside, and then on the ground and put the two curtain rod off a head, it can smooth out tents, tent pole from out, don't pull, curtain rod is plugged up, pull it. Finally, fold up the account pole and put the inside and outside accounts back into the bag.

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