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The use of tents
- Jun 26, 2018 -

Different kinds of tents are used in different ways.

First choose camp, account tile inside the tent on the ground (usually in account, but there are also some external accounts get first account in the drill to hang, such as Eurohike, principle is the need to wear a tent pole of the layer), remove the folding tent pole, tall (generally speaking, there are 7) straight, with a long stem, according to the directions wear into the tent curtain rod set above, common tent is cross tees.

After both rods are worn. Each lever of a head into the tent in the holes on the Angle, and then two people hold two heads, the stem into the top, make tent arch rise, until to the side of the head is inserted into the holes, inserted, the shape of the tent is, the corner of the curtain rod tied, choose the direction of the door, you can fix the tent to the ground. Nail the ground, hook the ring of four corners into the earth, let the bottom of the tent stretch out, the whole tent tension. Hang up the outer tent, open the outer one, cover the inner one, and set up the tent.

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