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Advantages Of Ballasts
- Jun 26, 2018 -

(1) energy saving. Fluorescent electronic ballasts, use 20 ~ 60 KHZ frequency supply tubes, more make the lamp light efficiency about 10% higher than that of power frequency (according to the length of 4 feet of tubes), and its low power consumption, make the total input power of the lamp fell about 20%, has the better energy saving effect.

(2) the strobe is eliminated and the luminescence is more stable. It can improve the visual resolution and efficiency. Reducing the visual fatigue of continuous operation is beneficial to protect vision.

(3) a more reliable starting point. Preheat lamp tube after a successful starting point, avoid many starting points.

(4) high power factor. The power factor of over 25W CFLS conforming to the national standard is higher than 0.95. However, it should be noted that the national standard sets a high harmonic limit for lamp tubes under 25W, so as to reduce its power factor to 0.7~0.8.

(5) stable power input and output flux: high quality product has good voltage regulation performance, the power, voltage deviation is large, can still maintain a constant light source, power, light stability, conducive to energy conservation.

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