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Application Of Energy-saving Inductor Ballasts
- Jun 26, 2018 -

Energy-saving inductance ballasts's main advantage is high reliability, long service life, small harmonic content, cheaper price, besides have special request for the visual, can be widely used, is also recommended to choose the products in China standard.

Selection Suggestions:

(1) there is no definite limit on the power consumption of energy-saving type and common type inductive ballasts. Some manufacturers claim that their products are energy-saving type, but they do not give the power consumption value or give false data. Lack of assessment makes it difficult to verify. The eu's energy efficiency rating is clear, and these companies are labeled b1-class or b2-class products and are certified by national testing centers.

(2) some products provide the total input power, but do not test the output optical flux, users often do not pay attention to or are difficult to test. Attention should be paid to the lumen coefficient greater than 0. 95. We seek to save electricity, but never light.

(3) power factor compensation should be considered, including single lamp compensation or line concentrated compensation.

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