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Ballast Source Development
- Jun 26, 2018 -

The 1970 s saw the emergence of global energy crisis, energy conservation of the sense of urgency to make many companies committed to the research of energy-saving light and fluorescent electronic ballasts, along with the rapid development of semiconductor technology, all kinds of high back pressure power switching devices, provides conditions for the development of electronic ballasts, in the late 70 s, foreign manufacturers to launch the first generation of electronic ballasts, lighting is a major innovation in the history.

Because it has many advantages, such as energy saving has attracted great attention and interest all over the world, that is replacing the ideal of inductance ballast, then some famous enterprises have invested considerable manpower and material resources to carry out the research and development of the higher level. Because of microelectronics technology by leaps and bounds, promoted the electronic ballast to develop in the direction of high performance high reliability, many semiconductor companies launched a dedicated power switch devices and control IC series of products, in 1984, Siemens developed TPA4812 active power factor correction appliances IC, such as the power factor is 0.99. Some company launched integrated electronic ballast, 89 Finnish hull wali company successfully launched the adjustable light monolithic integrated circuit electronic ballast, electronic ballast has been all over the world especially in developed countries, the popularization and application.

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