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What Is The Electronic Ballast
- Jun 26, 2018 -

Electronic ballast is a kind of ballast, it is to point to use electronic technology to drive electric light source, make it produce the electronic equipment that needs illume. Corresponding to this is the inductive ballast (or ballast). Modern fluorescent lamp USES electronic ballast more and more, deft cabinet, can integrate electronic ballast and lamp tube even together, at the same time, electronic ballast can hold concurrently normally start brightness implement function, because this can omit alone again start brightness implement. Electronic ballasts can also be more versatile, such as by increasing the current frequency or current waveform (such as becoming square wave) to improve or eliminate the flicker phenomenon of fluorescent lamps; Also can make fluorescent lamp can use dc power supply through power inverter process. Some disadvantages of traditional inductive rectifier make it replaced by electronic ballast which is becoming more and more mature.

Product advantages

(1) energy saving.The electronic ballast of fluorescent lamp, use more 20-60khz frequency to supply lamp tube, make lamp tube smooth effect ratio is increased about 10% than working frequency (the lamp tube that is 4 feet in length), and oneself power consumption is low, make the total input power of the lamp drops about 20%, have better energy-saving effect.Electronic ballast

(2) eliminate stroboscopic light and make the light more stable.To improve the visual resolution, improve the effectiveness;Reduce the visual fatigue of continuous operation, is conducive to protecting vision.

(3) the starting point is more reliable.After preheating the lamp tube, the starting point is successful, avoiding multiple starting points.

(4) high power factor.The power factor of the fluorescent lamps above 25W that meet the national standard is higher than 0.95.However, it should be noted that the harmonics limit set by the national standard for lamps below 25W is very high, so as to reduce the power factor to 0.7-0.8.

(5) stable input power and output light flux: high-quality products have good voltage stability performance, in the power supply, voltage deviation is very large, still can maintain the constant power of the light source, stable illumination, is conducive to energy saving.

(6) extend lamp life.The constant power of high quality products and lamp current drop, as well as a reliable starting point and other factors can make the lamp life longer.

(7) low noise.High quality electronic ballast noise up to 35db, people do not feel the noise.

(8) the light can be dimmed.For the place that needs dimming, be like: the place that USES incandescent lamp or halogen tungsten lamp dimming formerly, replace with high-efficiency fluorescent lamp matchs adjustable photoelectron ballast, can realize the large-scale dimming in 2% -- 100%.

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