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Chimney Choice
- Jun 26, 2018 -

The renewal of chimney is relatively fast, and lamps and lanterns are designed meticulously mostly by stylist, to the lamp, need not change the lamp whole, need the exterior chimney of lamps and lanterns undertakes replacing only. Therefore, it is a good choice to change the environment to replace the lampshade.

First of all, the first to know about the different shade what is material of adornment effect, the chimney of cloth is concise and elegant impression to the person, paper chimney can build a hazy and dreamlike atmosphere, the chimney of metal material have a kind of cold tone temperament and modern, and drum chimney is bring nostalgic feelings. In the bedroom we can choose the lamp shade of silky material, especially the lamp shade that handsews and handwork draws, can bring downy feeling for the room, add close atmosphere; The living room can choose the lamp shade of linen or parchment.

Second, on colour wants to notice only slightly ok, the penetration sex of the light of white chimney is better, can match with crystal base, build the effect that glittering and translucent get rid of appear; Black and color are opposite, the penetrability of the light is poorer, can send the light downward radiate, make partial light is stronger, can match with bronzed base.

Finally, according to the shape of the lamp holder to select the chimney, if the lamp holder is curve, then the corresponding lampshade will choose to take some of the style of the curve, lamp holder is a straight line, will choose the chimney of the rules, if the lamp holder looks heavy, can choose the conical chimney, reduce the thickness.

Chimney in use after a period of time, not only has dust cover, and the long-term illuminate of lamplight, cause off color, we can use these little method, do the cleaning of the lampshade in detail place to prolong the service life of the lamp shade.

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