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Electronic Ballasts
- Jun 26, 2018 -

The electronic ballast is a converter that converts a power frequency ac power source into a high frequency ac power source. Its basic working principle is:

The power supply is converted into a dc power supply after passing the rf interference (RFI) filter, full wave rectifier and passive (or active) power factor corrector (PPFC or APFC). Through the DC/AC converter, the output of 20 k - 100 KHZ high frequency AC power, added to the LC series resonance circuit, which is connected with lamp heating filament, but make tubes "discharge" "conduction" state, then enter a state of luminescence, high frequency inductive limit the increase of current role at this time, guarantee the normal work of the tubes for the lamp voltage and lamp current, in order to improve the reliability, often add various protection circuit, such as abnormal protection and surge voltage and current protection, temperature protection and so on.

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