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HID Lamp For Ballast Requirements And Working Circuit Selection
- Jun 26, 2018 -

HID lamp is a kind of high pressure discharge lamp. Its discharge performance of "volt ampere" is negative resistance. Therefore, in the working circuit of the lamp, it is necessary to connect the current-limiting device, which is usually called a ballast. Most HID lamps work in the ac state, using the reactance device as the ballast. There are different types of HID lamps. According to the types of lamps and their application requirements, different types of ballast circuits can be configured to find the best match between ballast circuits and lamps. 

High - pressure mercury vapor lamp high - pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp are common HID lamps for general illumination. High pressure mercury lamp is the earliest developing light source in HID lamp. High pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp are high efficiency and energy saving new light sources developed in modern times.

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