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What Is A Ballast
- Jun 26, 2018 -

In the late 1980s, Midwest Toriod began mass production in 1988 after the us applied the ring-type inductor ballasts to compact energy-saving fluorescent lamps. China began production in the early 1990s.

Is fluorescent lamp ballast, ballast resistor) on the current limiting effect and the production of instantaneous high pressure equipment, it is enameled wire on the core of silicon steel production, the iron core coil, open/close the electricity in an instant, can produce high voltage, self inductance on the electrodes at the ends of the tube (filament). This action is carried out alternately. When the starter (blister) is closed, the filament of the lamp is heated through the ballast's current limiting guide. When open the starter and ballast can produce high feeling on the ends of the tube filament, filament electron bombardment wall of fluorescent powder, repeated several times to break the starter, such movement will be repeated several times, to get through tubes. When the lamp tube glows normally, the internal resistance decreases, and the starter always keeps open, so that the current is stable through the lamp tube and ballast, so that the lamp tube glows normally. Due to the ballast in fluorescent lamp work, there is always an electric current passes through, so prone to vibration, and fever, so have a ballast of fluorescent lamp, especially the ballast quality is bad, will produce very big voice, use a long time, also easy to burn out. Ballasts are divided into electronic ballasts and inductive ballasts.

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